New England Inspired Seasonals 

time honored Classics


We use our creativity, resourcefulness and innovation to make New England inspired seasonals and time-honored classics for our community, families, friends, neighbors, fellow beer lovers and craft beer newbies!


Beer Portfolio week of AUG 01



Zugspitze (5.4% abv)

A refreshing cream ale made with German malts and hops.


Summer on the Shawsheen (5.4%  abv)

A wheat beer with a hint of citrus



Andover Easy Ale (5.2% abv)

A clean, easy-drinking golden ale.


Acorn Ale (5.4% abv)

A British Nut Brown ale that drink light but full of flavor


Red Spring Ale (6.1% abv) - ON VACATION

A malt-forward red ale with initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish.


Tis the Saison (6.6% abv)

A traditional saison with hints go clove and banana 



Rivah Bendah (6.5% abv) 

A balanced and approachable IPA. Brewed with a blend of 5 hops.


St. Arnold’s “999” (9.0% abv)  ON VACATION

A complex, high-alcohol content Imperial IPA, with a blend of hops and caramel notes.


New England Project '# 8

A New England style IPA packed with juicy Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic hops


Scarlet Sister (9.8% abv)

An imperial red IPA with tons of malty goodness and a nice hop kicker!



Inky Depths (6.5% abv)

A malty, dark porter with complex and flavorful roasty character and a hoppy kicker.



Irish Outlaw (6.6% abv)

A flavorful and full bodied red ale conditioned in a rye whiskey barrel for three months - so smooth!



Summah on the Shawsheen (4.7% abv)

A thirst-quenching wheat beer/pilsner hybrid with crisp, citrus notes. Perfect for a summer (or even autumn) day!


BlackJack (6.5% abv) 

A barrel-aged porter, this is Inky Depths after conditioning in a Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel for over a month.


Ballardvale Black (6.6% abv) - ON VACATION

A smooth and silky oatmeal stout, with a creamier mouth feel compared to the porter.


Coming Soon...

Czech Pilsner

- British Nut Brown