What type of beers do you sell?  We focus on New England inspired seasonals and time-honored classics. Our core five beers include: Andover Easy Ale (Golden Ale), Zug Spitze (Cream Ale), Red Spring Ale (Red Ale), Rivah Bendah (IPA) and Inky Depths (Classic Porter).  We round out the portfolio with a range of seasonal beers and special limited releases (such as our barrel-aged series).


When are you open?  Currently our hours are: Thursday 4:00 - 8:00, Friday 4:00 - 9:00, Saturday 1:00 - 9:00 and Sunday 1:00 - 6:00.


Do you sell wine and liquors? No. We have a Farmer Brewery license, which only allows for the sale of beer brewed onsite.  We offer many different styles of beer and have converted many people over to the craft side! If someone in your party isn't a beer fan, we encourage him/her to give us a try.  Ask your server for a recommendation!


Can we bring wine to the brewery? No.  Alcohol (of any type) may not be brought into the brewery.


Do you sell Growlers?  Yes, we sell 64 oz., a great treat for the weekends or as a gift!  On your first purchase, we charge $6.00 for the growler plus the fill cost. Refills are only charged the fill cost.

Also, a few MA state laws to tell you about… we can only fill Oak & Iron branded growlers and those growlers with no branding.  Growlers cannot be opened in the brewery or consumed on brewery premises.  Growlers are intended for at-home consumption


Can I bring my kids?  Yes. All family members are welcome at the brewery.  We serve soft drinks and snacks for the kids as well as we have a range of board games, crayons, bean bags games etc. Please note and this is very important, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their kids behave and respect the space of others. This means, no running around, no yelling and screaming etc. People come to the brewery to interact and engage with others, drink beers and overall have a good time. Please be mindful of your kids behavior to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.


Do you allow dogs?  Yes, we are dog friendly in the outdoor seating area at the brewery provided you have a friendly dog!  As owner, you are responsible for your dog's behavior.  If your dog gets anxious around other dogs it’s advisable not to bring your dog. If your dog misbehaves, as owner, please remove your dog so as to not disrupt others in the area. Thank you.


Do you sell food? Yes.  We sell a limited range of snacks and apps such as warm Bavarian pretzels with dipping sauces, nuts and charcuterie.  We rotate snacks every now and then; our latest offerings will be on the left chalkboard.


Can I bring food to the brewery? Only if you bring some for the owners (okay, jokes aside). Yes, you may bring food to the brewery.  We ask that you please manage your food within your area, do not spread your food boxes across multiple tables, and clean up and remove your trash when you leave. Thank you!


Can I have a corporate event or milestone party at the brewery?  Yes.  The brewery taproom is available Monday - Wednesday during normal business hours and potentially evenings. Events can be as small as 15 people and up to approximately 50 to 60 people (comfortable maximum). We provide a customer service rep to help manage your event.  The brewery offers the taproom, projector and screen, bathrooms, tables and chairs, parking for 40 cars and of course fresh brewed Oak & Iron beers at the end of the day.  Contact Jim at jim@oakandironbrewing.com for costs, details and availability.


Can I reserve a table(s) during normal operating hours? We do our best to accommodate small events and groups. Tables can be reserved as follows assuming availability:

·      Two-table maximum

·      16 person maximum (8 people per table)

·      Reservations start at the beginning of the shift (THU 4:00, FRI 4:00, SAT 1:00, SUN 1:00)  

·      Two-hour maximum

·      There is a beer minimum  

·      If food is brought in, please remove waste at the conclusion of the event  

·      Please ask event guests to carpool 

·      Lastly, please respect the "one person, one space" guideline. This simply means if you bring in pizza boxes, gifts, cakes etc. and spread them across the tables then stand in the general public area, you’re essentially taking two spaces.  We can help with a staging table if needed.


Do you sell gift cards?  Yes! We have gift cards for sale in our taproom. Stop in and ask! We'd be happy to set you up with one.


Do you offer tours?  Yes.  We are a small brewery so the "tour" is limited.  However a small or large brewery all brew the same way and we're happy to share our knowledge with you.  


Do you package or keg your beer? Not at this time but we do have growlers available to enjoy Oak & Iron brews off-premise.