APX Labs Summer Party

We got the great opportunity to provide the beer to the APX Labs summer outing in Virginia this past August. Our branding and experience lead has a day job as a product designer at APX and he hooked up the opportunity. We made two beers for the event, an accessible Pale Ale and a much more aggressive Doppelbock.

 The company is full of craft beer geeks and people that are still testing the waters, so the two beers made for a perfect balance of options. Both beers went over very well - there was particular excitement about the malty Doppelbock but that may have just been the high ABV!  

We've included some pictures from the event. SInce it was hosted at a beautiful winery in northern Virginia, we went with 22-oz bottles with color-marked wax tops. You might notice the "Sparta Brewing Company" name on the labels - this was our temporary name while Jim was still in "stealth mode" down in Sparta, New Jersey.  Realizing now that we should have taken more pictures of our friends at APX actually enjoying the beers but you can tell from all the empty 22-oz bottles in the final picture that they really did enjoy them! 

Also, here are some very detailed descriptions of the two beers if you're into that kind of thing! 



  • A Very Sessionable Beer -  ABV% of 5.1% with a light, crisp and citrusy favors with a sligttly bitter taste
  • Bitterness - Moderately hooped with Horizon, Cascade and Centennial with IBU of ~30.
  • Color - a target of SRM. a bright lively color with a slight haze due to no filtration
  • Carbonation - highly carbonated beer - should get a tingle on the tongue
  • Pairing - Goes well with most foods but especially with fish and chicken.
  • Where it fits in on a beer spectrum:  more bitter than an American Ale and less bitter than an IPA


  • A heavy, malty, bready German lager.  This beer has close to a 8.0% ABV%... drink carefully!
  • Bitterness - low on bitterness, high on malt impact
  • Color - a rich maple to mahogany color, quite impressive coloring
  • Carbonation - Lightly carbonated beer
  • Pairings - Dopplebocks go well with heavy meals such as red meats and rich pasta dinners.  This is a sipping beer