Corporate and Social Events

The brewery taproom is available Monday - Wednesday during normal business hours and evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings until 1:00 PM and Sunday evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Events can be as small as 35 people and as large as 100 people.  The brewery offers the taproom, projector and screen, bathrooms, tables and chairs and parking for 40 cars.  In the nice weather the outdoor beer garden is open with seating for about 75 people. 

If your event borders standard opening hours (such as ending at 1:00 PM on a Saturday or Sunday) we ask that your group be packed up and exiting at or before we open to the public at 1:00 PM

Costs include: room fee $200, trash fee $50 and two (2) servers to manage your event for $100 each. Beer is purchased at standard pricing.  See below for rules pertaining to food brought in. Contact Jim at for availability.

Fundraising Events

Each fundraising event is different and we'll do our best to structure an event that meets your needs. Contact Jim at

Small Groups
We do our best to accommodate small groups during our normal business hours. Tables cannot be reserved and groups larger than ten (10) people can not be accommodated on a reservation basis. There is often space for small groups (1o or under) provided you arrive at the start of a shift.

  • If you are in a group of 10 or more, there is a $25 trash fee (unless you take your trash home with you i.e. “leave it as you found it”.

Lastly, please respect the "one person, one space" guideline. This simply means if you bring in pizza boxes, gifts, cakes etc. and spread them across the tables then stand in the general public area, you’re essentially taking two spaces.  We can help with a staging table if needed.

Food at Events

Food may be brought into your events. Please follow the Andover Board of Health Food Rules:

  •  Food made in a non-foodservice establishment (e.g. a private home kitchen) may not be served at events at Oak & Iron Brewing Co.

  • Food may be brought in from:

    • Permitted Andover caterers. Email for current list

    • Licensed caterers outside of Andover provided they submit Andover’s “Temporary Food Permit application” which can be obtained at the office of Andover Board of Health.

    • Food establishments with prepackaged foods e.g. pizza from a pizza shop” or prepackaged foods from a grocery store

Any further questions, please contact the Andover Board of Health at 978-623-8640